Vintage Limousine, LLC

Customer Contract

701 Airport Drive, Shreveport, Louisiana 71107 – Telephone: 318.222.8053 – Fax: 318.222.8055

  • Customers of Vintage Limousine, LLC are advised that charges are based with a two hour minimum for each vehicle contracted. All charges are computed from the actual departure time from Vintage Limousine, LLC to the actual return time of said value to Vintage Limousine, LLC. The customer will be responsible for all parking and entry fees. A company expense of 20% will automatically be charged for driver tip if not given to driver.

    A deposit of at least $300 is required upon reservation. Full payment of balance, including the company expense, must be paid upon completion of said vehicle. If vehicles contracted are used over time, the customer will be responsible for these charges which will be debited to the customer ’ s credit card. If extra or additional stops or passengers are added to the original itinerary, charges will be designated accordingly. The customer will denote said itinerary upon booking. Vintage Limousine, LLC reserves the right to substitute types of vehicles as well as colors of vehicles if circumstances arise. ALL DEPOSITS ARE NON - REFUNDABLE.

    All customers and patrons are expected to conduct themselves in an orderly and respectable fashion while riding in the limousine. Any disorderly conduct will automatically terminate the assigned contract. SMOKING IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED. UNDER AGE DRINKING IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED . Damages suffered by vehicles due to patron negligence will be payable to Vintage Limousine, LLC upon return of vehicle.

    The driver of the limousine is prohibited from making any unauthorized stops and purchases of any kind from any business are strictly forbidden. Vintage Limousine, LLC operates in compliance with all traffic, safety and alcohol related statuses as designated by the law. If passengers are minors, the driver will be required to leave the divider open for a maximum security and supervision.
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