Make a Fashionable Exit in Shreveport, LA

Hire a vintage wedding car

Create an iconic exit from your wedding when you rent a vintage getaway car. A vintage car adds a touch of elegance to your big day in Shreveport, Louisiana. Vintage Limousine, LLC offers luxurious vintage cars you can rent to send off the bride and groom in style. Reach out to us to learn more.

3 tips to hire a vintage wedding car

Are you ready to rent a vintage car for your wedding? Read our top three tips before you book yours:
  1. Check your rental company's reputation first. Hire a company like ours that has great reviews.
  2. Understand your required deposits. Reach out to Vintage Limousine, LLC to learn about ours.
  3. Practice getting in and out of your car in your wedding getup. It's easy to get a poufy dress caught in the door.
Make your wedding exit look like it's straight out of a classic movie. Call 318-222-8053 to book your vintage getaway car today.